Ikram | The Hidden Jewel

إكرام .::. IKRAM

وبسبب السرية التي اكتنفت جوهرة .::. [The Hidden Jewel]

Ikram is a beautiful girl who showed up at Ireem, out of nowhere, lost and confused, looking for food and water; made slave by Am Demina, as she trusts him more, she reveals, only to him, her secret, about who she truly is and the past she carries on her shoulders:

Ikram Kahleel was born in Laheeb, a far distant city, upnorth Ireem.
Her family has a long history line as slavers, being them the rulers over this city; her grandfather, Nasir Kahleel, who passed away before Ikram was born, was known to be the most caring and generous slaver in whole ancient Arabia, buying slaves out of wicked handed Traders, sheltering and caring for them the best he could and later on, handling them to new Masters who he fully trusted to give those slaves the most honorable and happy life possible.

The Kahleel Family Ikram's Background
Nasir Kahleel married a known Princess, named Amirah Awad. Together they formed a respectful, noble family, widely known in all surrounding towns as well as in every distant port; everyone praised and bowed to the Kahleel family.
As the marriage took place, not much further on, Nasir and Amirah's "First-One" was born, Emir (who still rules Laheeb as to this point) and later on, Mu'tazz, the evil one, uncle to Ikram.

Mu'tazz The Evil Uncle
Ikram was brought up to follow her father, Emir, on the leading roles over her hometown; along, she had been promised to wed Mujahid, Emir's faithfull guard and Warrior of the Kingdom.
As she grew up, soon she was sailing the world, to convey slaves and learn the basics on trading; constantly under the sharp eye of her uncle, Mu'tazz, Ikram was allowed no flaw and made sure she knew he did not like her, because the one supposed to follow his brother footsteps to the throne should be him and not some silly young girl who he thougth to be of more use when cooking. Claiming all she should do was stay at home serving her soon-to-be-husband, Mu'tazz never lost an opportunity to punish her and show his disrespect towards his brother's choice.

Kadar The Slave
Kadar was the most beautiful man one could remember having seen. Traded at the port of Ireem, became owned by Ikram.
Ikram has traces of ancient exotic tribes and her beauty stands immediatly out wherever she goes; also her personality denotes strong character lines from her grandfather, Nasir.
Ikram is very gentle and caring to the slaves, always worrying if they need water, food, if they are comfortable; also, when her uncle was not around, Ikram enjoyed spending some time among them, chatting and instructing them the best she could.
During one of their trips, as they bought Kadar, Ikram found herself hanging more in the lower deck than she wished.
Kadar was a bright young man, smart, beautiful, with an urge to absorve the world around him; but his background allowed him to go no further than being a slave and so he just resigned to it, muttering to himself, most of the times, but keeping a sharp eye on everything and everyone that he would lay eyes on.
As Ikram started to meet him regularly, love happened and everyone could see how her eyes sparkled everytime she sat to hear his stories or when she was teaching him how to train the pigeons or how to use the sword. It was a sight for sore eyes those two...
Ikram soon arranged a way to meet Kadar alone but always feared her uncle would show. Together they talked a lot of how the future could hold for them and came up with a plan to run away together, as soon as they got back to Laheeb.

The Tragedy
It was a hot summer night and as the return to Laheeb was soon to come, Ikram longed to be with Kadar the most she could, trying to sort all the plan out. Thinking how they would run away to be together. So, on her way down to the lower deck, Ikram, as usual, carefully peeked into her uncle's bedroom, spotting him snoring like a pig, laying on his back and with rum spilled all over.